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Superpower Skills for the Next Generation of Innovators

Let’s show you how to create and build
almost anything with the tap of a button and a
combination of codes

For kids between the ages 7-17, we have a track for you

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Give your kids a head start into the future!

Give your child the chance to explore the world of tech with courses curated specially for them at NextGen! They’ll thank you later.

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Learning is faster when it’s fun! And learning is fun at NextGen

Our courses are designed to help kids flex their creativity and experiment with the newest and best programming tools.

Our Course Timeline

January – April

Brainy Bunch Session

April – July

Gifted Genius Session

August – September

Summer Session

October – December

Innovative Bunch Session

Our Courses

Web Development

To design a website, you need to learn to use HTML and CSS. HTML is a coding tool for web development. It is used with CSS to design and build websites.

Graphics Design

Develop that innate creativity by learning to communicate ideas with text and images. You will learn to design icons, layout pages and dial typography.


Make the most of your creative side by learning how to design, construct, and operate machines (robots) that perform tasks that humans normally perform.


Scratch is a visual programming language that allows you easily build interactive games and programs without writing out the code


JavaScript is a programming language used to create web-based applications and web browsers. It is an excellent foundation for learning advanced .


Python is an easy to learn object-oriented programming language. NASA, Google, Netflix, Spotify and countless more use the language to help power their services.

Enjoy private, virtual, or physical classes With NextGen


Professor Ajani Olayinka
Professor Ajani Olayinka
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“My children just completed the NextGen Summer Program, and I sincerely appreciate The Bulb Africa and the facilitators for organizing the Program for the excellent design, procedure, coordination and excellent content delivery. My daughters have learnt a lot from this program. They now display competence, expertise and skills in Python programming, pycharm usage and the basics of coding. The holiday session has been highly productive for my kids because of this Summer Program.“
Ololade Adesanya
Ololade Adesanya
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“I enrolled my seven-year-old son on the NextGen Summer Program to learn Python. During homeschooling, he picked up coding and took a keen interest, so I wanted him to develop it. I was quite nervous given my son’s age and the distance (we live in the UK). However, I am glad we took the step – the program is nothing short of amazing! My son enjoyed the program, and a family friend that I introduced has similarly positive feedback.”


NextGen summer camp

One on one tutoring

School partnerships

Weekend classes


Robotics infused with python

Web development

Graphics design




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