Why NextGen

NextGen is an initiative of The Bulb Africa.
NextGen is an online learning program that brings the collaborative spirit of a
coding Bootcamp directly to your child’s desktop, allowing them to learn in
small groups and do various hand

Our Vision

To be Africa’s leading tech platform, connecting innovation to global opportunities.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower the next generation of tech experts and innovators to build transferable and transportable skillsets for the fast-changing global workspace.

With NextGen, what you see is what you get

Personalized learner-centred curriculum

Your child learns what they need and how it best suits them at their own pace.

Gamified learning experience

Our courses are designed to captivate kids to keep them progressing.

Learn from anywhere

With a computer and access to the internet, enjoy access to NextGen classes and resources.

Here’s how we make it happen 

Project-based learning

Our approach supports inquiry-based learning through student engage-ment. Projects carried out help reveal children’s hidden talents.

Design Thinking Approach

We believe that the main aim of learning to code or building robots is to solve problems. Therefore, we emphasize creative pro-blem solving for learners

Friendly & Experienced Tutors

We specially handpick tested and trusted experts with a rounded knowledge of programm-ing, computer science, computer architecture, robotics, and the IoT.

Our faculty

Philip Nkwam

Python, JavaScript

Nkwam Philip is a Machine Learning savvy and a Data Scientist. A Data Scien-tists Network, Community Champion, selected as the DSN Campus Lead for the College of Medicine,
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Curtis Oyakoya

HTML/CSS, Scratch

Curtis is a software Engineer at Sterling bank and a coding facilitator at Bulb Africa (NextGen pro-gram). Curtis builds solu-tions using web technolo-gies like HTML, CSS,

Oluseye Daramola

Graphics Design

Oluseye Daramola is a Brand Designer and a Digital Marketing Expert who is passionate about innovation, technology and creativity. He provides solutions in Business/

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